aside Bruckner Mass in D minor…kyrie

Bruckner Mass in D minor…kyrie

today has been a roller coaster emotionally. 

I have found a friend who has been through brain trauma and is giving me words of wisdom in terms of what to ask, and how to move with it, or question the process..and i am grateful Ian!

When you have to deal with other people’s health problems and it isn’t good. Although I know there are great illnesses in my family, I amn’t able to help, and at many times since Jimmy’s illness I don’t have time, ability or energy. I wish I did! The stress adds to the headaches. So midday nap needed. Really feeling under pressure emotionally – a bit of a pressure cooker. 

Very sad pieces of information are not easy to handle at the moment. Takes very little straw on the camel’s back…

But on went brave face and went with the boys to Halloween party and they had a great time. 

I had too i guess….glad i went.Nice people there. 

and as they were going to bed, my 12 year old son says “Mum this was a brilliant day!” – so we must have managed to do ok.


the Bruckner Mass I sang in 1985.

it has always been a piece i associate with being invoking  yearning phrases,  awkward intervals in melodic material and hopeless dissonances, yet moments on great resolution and calm. 

This is one of my favourite movements…from hopeless to overwhelming strength and a resolved finish.



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