Placido Domingo …Nessun Dorma

Placido Domingo …Nessun Dorma

i was 8 months pregnant with my first child, my daughter. December 1992.

Placido Domingo- my favourite singer  and Regina Nathan – a friend – were performing in the Point Depot in Dublin.

first baby – so many what ifs – but i Had to go! Wasn’t counting on the parking issue – we had to abandon car about a mile away and waddle up to the theatre. I thought i would NEVER get there! But i did.

Because I knew Regina, we even got to meet Placido after the show/ He was one of the most serene characters, a beautiful smile and handshake…meant the world. Was so proud of Regina!

I am not a fan of many tenors – but there is a velvet quality to Domingo’s voice. a warmth and an ease that I don’t associate with any of the other tenors who I have enjoyed. So this song, i pasted as despite the fact that it is associated with Pavarotti , that was never the case in our house. 

At the concert my daughter jumped madly to much of the music – but particularly to this. After she was born we used play her Placido Domingo albums, and this song always got a reaction from her. She would be held up by her daddy close to the speaker, and if listening to the 3 tenors, her little arms and legs would go mad and the excitement in her tiny bright eyes, as she could identify HIS part from that of the others…

It will always have that memory of joy for me…


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