Barber Adagio for Strings

Barber Adagio for Strings

Such a bitty weird day.

Had a rotten headache all night, so woke with it…so drugged up very early. Had a hubby’s doctor Appointment which went well.

Late last night had got into a chain of emails with the PP about getting an old conductor’s podium, so went on the search through all the church’s furniture graveyards…up in the attics, down in the crypt and chambers under the Church…and there were some of the most beautiful pieces – an eclectic mix – old statues, pictures, pews, candle holders….but in the midst of all found two gorgeous pieces of furniture which will combine beautifully to make me a personally designed conductor’s Stand and Podium – which is a beautiful piece of furniture! Yes I am a sad git!

Afternoon had a medical appointment for me – with an oral/maxillo clinic….ulcers…recurrent…dry mouth .etc. So he poked in my computer records and decided it is most likely to be Sjogren’s Syndrome. That’s an auto-immune disorder…was i annoyed? meh….with all the shit going on at the minute it didnt really hit a nerve. Did bloods and said will see me in a few weeks to discuss results.

the COOL part was when he had the medical files open on the PC he gave me a look at IT! the LESION! the CYST. the TUMOUR. It looks so tiny and innocent…its almost like the “princess and the pea” …except its more oval like the princess and the kidney bean? But was the first time i could see it – connect with it…it now can come out – it DOES exist!

had a nice time at dinner with Jimmy and the boys, quite a bit of craic. The boys were reciting big chunks of dialogue from Father Ted episodes…what else can you do but laugh??

had CHOIR to take. Rehearsal was really enjoyable, really pushing them at the minute, but they are moving with me…and I’m loving it. Have 2 Concerts coming up and am looking forward to them both.One is a cross Community Carol Service…a joint shared event with our friends from St Macartan’s Cathedral – half and half – in their Church and in ours -symbolic and really stating the year that has been. We have been very closely connected. The second is our Parish Carol Service – to start off the Christmas liturgies in our Church- for it have some really nice ideas for arrangements and fusion of styles…

So tonight i left the 2 hour rehearsal, with a glow…yes obviously with a headache …but having LOVED the workout!

yesterday after Rehearsing the Musical theatre group, I stuck on a CD to get the musical out of my head, and it was the Bach double violin concerto. Was parked in the queue at traffic lights when i realised a big solitary tear was rolling down my left cheek….then my right…I wasn’t SAD but the music had inveigled its way in and moved me…without any conscious thought or realisation.

so tonight, coming home i needed to hear STRINGS…and since youtube has such a shitty search tool, i aimlessly, vaguely stuck in STRINGS…and this popped up…of course it should.


close your eyes, vacate your thoughts and please enjoy this poignant emotive work.

Today was good.



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  1. Beautiful piece of music. I would need you to educate me on all the classical stuff, I wouldn’t have a clue of their names but I do enjoy listening to them. Glad to see you are continuing with the blogging. It’s a good way to express things sometimes and does become a good outlet I think. Your boys sound like a hoot acting Father Ted!

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