link Gluck….Dance of the blessed spirits.

Gluck….Dance of the blessed spirits.

the piece it has to be for today’s headache…

the number of times that i have accompanied this at grade 5 flute exams and GCSE practicals…i should hate it.

but when i was fit enough to go for walks, it was inadvertently the song i internally sang – always! No idea why.

Now i find its again a piece am driven to play.

think its the pace…the pulse…although can’t say that mine would be anything so regular or relaxed!!

but in fairness to all of those pupils…i prefer the orchestrated accompaniment.

i think also its a piece my daughter played on her flute…maybe that’s a reason that i can still think of it in a pleasant way – always loved her low range notes, and her lack of breathy tone , yet a lovely sound unsmothered in vibrato.

Thanks Cora..please don’t every forget you can play the flute!

love you

mum x


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