good day…good feeling…

was nothing different today.
woke up when jimmy brought me my brekkie in bed…and I don’t take that for granted.
usual hassle to get myself up and dressed.
had my headache…as every day…but last nights wee post when I really listened to what my aspergers son can use as his belief song, I turned that corner.
the poor me day was over…it was time to look at what I had, and the things I could do…not couldnt.

I have ahusband who is willing to help me.
I have to appreciate that…not fight it.
I have 4 gorgeous children…they accept me as I am.
I have to stop wishing I was fitter and healthier for them
I have ability to do the homework…not lack of ability to cook.
I havean understsnding of aspergers which has made life so positive for our son..and so fsr has armed him with great strengths and lifeskills.
I met people today who spoke about my music and I reslised that it brings something positive to many people even if its all I can phsically do.

I went to tesco with jimmy
I did online shopping…clever crestive pressies
took my crocks nap…no guilt
sorted one carol concert.
had lovely chat at dinner with the 2wee ones..they are very happy.
made a lot of small steps…

and it was a good day.
thanks anyone who was part of it.

h x


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