simple things…

today have had a headache…am NOT gonna talk about it…am only allowing myself to write the NICE POSITIVE bits that were part of today…

  1. breakfast in bed
  2. wee son in bed for wee cuddle
  3. lovely frosty morning..looked Christmassy!
  4. out to Mass on my own…great choir crowd
  5. music went well…liked it.
  6. after Mass my cousin came up – had driven up 75 miles just so he could say he arrived up when NOBODY had died
  7. was so chuffed to see Garry and Ber.
  8. Brought home the music storage unit i had spotted….another wee job done 🙂
  9. went to teach musical theatre group
  10. was really pleased with the young chorus. have blossomed as performers
  11. they are also a great group of people…all wee lads set up the keyboard for me…cups of tea when i cant go get them …
  12. scheduled in extra rehearsals as the company want to tighten up.
  13. listened to my Bach concerto and enjoyed i the car
  14. came home happy about show.
  15. were just settling down to watch tv when Garry arrived, so their trip was worth the drive…was lovely to see them.
  16. manchild hadn’t left for college til about half 7.
  17. big HUG before he left
  18. two wee sons in superb form..were kahooing and giggling all evening.
  19. had a nice relaxed evening with Jimmy
  20. watched scary TV and the Law n Order
  21. had my choccie and strawberries
  22. a large schnapps.
  23. a positive day
  24. 🙂


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