link There’s no business like Showbusiness…

There’s no business like Showbusiness…

when 6 months ago, you audition a group of strangers…

some are superb…obviously polished performers….

others are raw …but VERY talented…

a few you can’t fathom…they obviously are overwhelmed but there is that ‘something’…

some you can see lead roles for…

you ask direct questions like:

is that beard negotiable?

can i see your hair please?

do you wear lenses as an option?

some of them you call back to SEE what you know must be there…or why would they be here.

you work.

you break your back.

you are pulling your hair out!

you shout at them.

you watch them blossom.

sometimes when one child volunteers to do the smallest action, you burst with pride.

when they mix as a group, you feel your inner mother love!

you have “discussions” and different views than other directors.

and finally it gets to theatre week,

you put in sooo many hours, but so do they!

you look up – and you have a theatre group.

you see their faces work, enjoy, rise to the parts.

you see the child you thought would struggle light up on stage!

the orchestra come in.

you want them to succeed…but they already have.

such a rewarding feeling…

THAT’s why to bother!


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