9 to go!

pit too dark so have to go back 25 years and use a Baton! ick!

orchestra very good…LUXURY..never had to turn to an orchestra and say “improvise in Bflat!”..

or under a scene change…” free jazz in C”.

Fabulous Chorus…all harmonies strong.

Leads all really doing superb work!

my young men and young women ensembles are really to be proud of themselves – all under 20…in 5 parts.

4 months.

tough work – not an easy director – but don’t half do the job.

All of us directors have now moulded integral art work..

.live props…dancers…,performers,..vocalists…stars

audience reacted on first show night to all the appropriate lines…GREAT!

8th day in a row at lengthy final rehearsals in theatre…

long shifts…and not opportunity to lie in. 

LOVE the musical.

Body loves it but feels the old crock bit of it!

How long really am i gonna be fit to do this ?

when does physical health STOP me from this?

what i enjoying…and dread using…

the harsh reality…

how long can the show go on????



The show must go on…til i can’t


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