new me……if it were that easy!!!!

The new me…
What would I be without the hairdressers – saviours!
So today while am darkening the overall colour down …….and looking that GORGEOUS as I do, I write the NEW ME wish-list!

Hair– the type that never has a bad day

Confidence– to look in a wardrobe and be able to pick ANYTHING and it would be fabulous on me.

Contentment– with me. To not own the Irish Mother “what if I had” guilt package. That niggly nothing is good enough for my family. “Could I have done more?”- be great to lose that!

Sanity– the ability to stop looking back and ruminating – and also to stop looking forward and worrying. That awful ould “life in the moment” must be the hardest mantra to live by!

Friends-No Expectation – to be able to enjoy people when they are there, and don’t tar them by my brush, and judge them by my standards when they don’t go the extra mile that I would for them.

Balance– somewhere in the decisions I make I MUST learn to put ME! I tend to do things – cos I can – and cos music is my talent, I know without any doubt that I can. But its not the musical ability its the time factor and the trade off against my rubbish health.

Acceptance– short of a body transplant, my health is poor. I walk up 6 stairs to the greenroom and can’t speak to anyone. I am very unhealthy and with this whole neurological crap kicking off it can only get worse. So I have to get my head around bad lungs, bad heart, bad back, bad neck, headaches, no advised movement – maybe buy that stick? Maybe admit that publically.

Live– every day. Cos I am still alive. With people I love who love me.

Is that a big list??



  1. I have a foldy stick that can come out of the bag when needed. People do a double take initially, but that’s it. It is a very public statement, but I am glad to have it.

  2. if i were convinced was of use to a BACK, i really would.
    but have nobody cared enough medically to mention!
    but the breathlessness is SO demoralising!
    nobody has a clue what is going on…and you panting after a few steps..

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