Ghosts of Christmases Past.

  • Fermanagh-20121203-00297.jpg
  • i was under-age at school, so when i came home and said to mammy that so-and-so had told me there was no Santa, what i expected was denial… i got the truth. i was 6.
  • the year i got a “BELT” – with a cryptic note, which became a clue to finding the guitar 🙂
  • the year i wrapped and put mam’s necklace under the be unable to find it on Christmas morning. I felt so bad. I cried. I called police – assuming i had dropped it. Was allowed to feel like crap. Hours later spotted the wrapped present IN the branches of the tree.
  • Being sent to bed…punished…for a mess involving having accidentally sat on after 8s.
  • Another year being sent to bed, as i really accidentally fell onto and flattened a cardboard ghost on my siblings game “Ghost Train”.
  • the year my gorgeous daughter had to wear the disgustingly frilly cheap tacky frock that my sister-in-law bought and nominated as her Christmas outfit.
  • 20 odd years of really performing “O Holy Night”…before i took over directing the choir and passed it on.
  • the one year i hated what my parents bought me..a crystal musical ornament…was only a teenager!
  • the year we got engaged, and didn’t want to upset either family…so we ATE 2 DINNERS…sickening!
  • the year i went away to my inlaws for christmas…and cried all evening, as it didnt feel like Christmas.
  • The year my daughter was released from hospital after being on 3 weeks bedrest. She cried all day. Was hell for the younger children.
  • Silent night. My Father-in-law was a beautiful, gentle giant. He sang this from november to February. He died this year on 15th February…will never not think of him at Christmas when i hear that song. Thankfully we duetted on it in Eugene’s as unwell as he was last year.
  • the day my asthma crashed and had to go in to hospital on Christmas afternoon – and my 7 yr old son at the time saying ” imagine a mum who would leave her family on Christmas day”….and me 14 weeks pregnant, very ill, and breaking my heart crying!
  • the first year i took over the Christmas Dinner cooking.
  • the year i realised that mam really wasn’t able to contribute any of the dishes – due to her alzheimer’s.
  • the year Jimmy had the list with “box of crackers” on it…and he went for Jacobs…not Christmas Crackers.
  • Morecambe and Wise.
  • The great escape.
  • The Sound of Music
  • The Top of the Pops…which i tried to sit silently and record onto my new Tape-Recorder!
  • the tough years where an extremely unwell relation tried (through mental illness – not malice) to wreck the day…so success was just survival.
  • When last year my aspergers son wanted sedative- sleepy gas – the kind Michael Jackson used, so he could get to sleep despite the overwhelming excitement!
  • The year that at 1 am Jimmy and Matthew were half shot building Santa presies, once we had got the 2 familys’ kids asleep….and the talking of “BigBird” coming out of the attic.
  • The year that the same pair after beers built a telescope with the lens backways – so obviously never worked.
  • The year my sis bought my daughter the Barbie horse and Carriage… which came in about a million pieces…we hardly got to bed!
  • When the spergers son woke crying at 2am and woke his wee brother to send him down to tell me there was a problem. – the drumkit was there…but he thought was a “vision” he had been given…
  • the year i got my Mulberry Bayswater…wow!
  • the fact that as you get older, you try to just enjoy the day – not stress out – not look back – not look forward.

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