you may Say i’m a dreamer….. (John Lennon)

if John Lennon had had these dreams, we may have been able to attempt to guess a flower-power-ed reason!.

My dreams aren’t yet defined categorically but are as clear and as ZANY and unrelated to real life as could possibly be.

The neurosurgeon did say that the Chiari Malformation may cause vivid dreams, but the off the wall nature of these would challenge a Freudian analyst. So maybe if neurology are scratching their collective head, i should look to have them untangled and interpreted!


few nights ago my other half was coming up to bed, when i started talking to him. He said it was quite loud, although a bit slurred…and in phrases. But whatever it was, he kept asking me what i was saying, and i kept repeating the same unclear phrase. He eventually came over to my bedside and asked me again, what was it? The only logical word he pulled from the jumble was “CHICKEN”…don’t ask me as i have no recollection of that night.

Last night was another one i do remember as being episodic and random…and i remembered waking up-ish…knowing i was dreaming…but unable to get out of it.

……..i was at school….i was in real life a hard worker and a bright child…in the dream i was so far behind with my work. I hadn’t a clue! I remember asking Oonagh Magee for her work and as i was copying her maths down, i was trying to process the methods…but i had not got a clue? Not only had i fallen so far behind –

but even in my dream i recognised it as university maths…(rings)…a topic i hated even then!

But this was school, and i knew the teacher was about to come in.

I knew that there was my A-level that afternoon.

I knew i had let it slip…


Lack of control

I went into a second subject – just as randomly, taught by an ex-Geography teacher and retired principal…it was SCIENCE. Again i had no work done. I knew he was looking at us, as i begged Catherine Burns to let me see her work.

not a clue

knew he was going to ask me first – could see it in his face.

Remember being really annoyed with myself …cos in real life Gerry has a lot of respect for me and my musical work – but in the dream that affected my logic!

i remember going off on a parallel thought where i knew that my music had been the cause of all the classes missed, but i knew it didn’t explain how i had allowed myself to fall so far out of control. I knew that my music was fine – all up to date.

We sat down to be asked and i don’t remember any more.

My husband says i was again talking in my sleep! I was shouting out teacher based instructions…”sit down girls”, “get a seat”…. so was i the teacher? NO …

One interesting thing was that all took part in the school – on the desks of my childhood.

The teachers were people i recognised.

The pupils i asked for help, were girls who were in my MUSIC class- they didn’t do maths or science.

The other interesting thing was that the A-levels i did were music, maths, physics and chemistry…in REAL life, and my degree was music and maths… in REAL life.

Is this a message about which part of my brain is healthy and which is aware it is losing control?

I really have no idea.

all very logical…not


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