aside Occupational Therapy …who gets it???

being a grumpy old cow today, as i have had a week of pain,


a lumbar spine that doesn’t know which angle is straight – thank you white van man.

an osteoarthritic cervical spine,

spinal spondylitis.

a chiari malformation

a brain lesion …

SOME combination of which contributes to the week of pain and misery that i have HAD….

is it too much to expect SOMEONE to give help in decisions OTHER than medication?

do i need a stick?

would it help?

and …


who could help me find a PILLOW that doesn’t exacerbate a problem,

several problems,

all problems?


if they are…

how do i get to one?

who do they treat?

should they not be part of a long-term pain management package?

if its acute, we can get a month of physio.

when its LONGTERM we get drugs…and procedures…and NO treatment imagination!

Am BLOODY angry and fed up with this today!

Sorry for snapping!



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