todddaaaaaaay….was the third day since new year that i had spent trying to chase up an appointment with a neurologist…..just THAT!

3 DAYS!!

stage one:

  1. i call the hospital switchboard… nauseam!
  2. rings out……..out…….out…..
  3. oh  – an answer.
  4. i give the specialist’s name.
  5. They try the secretary’s extension.
  6. back to step two…..
  7. rings out……..out…….out…..

begin again.

Stage Two:

repeat until eventually get to the secretary bit THEN,

  1. i mention cleverly the NEUROLOGY department, and i tell them that they had already tried to connect me to the specific lady, but failed. I am quietly confident as i ask for a DIFFERENT secretary from the team! 🙂
  2. they transfer me
  3. rings…..out…..out……out….

off we go again…

on the ODD occasion over these 3 bloody DAYS i have got through to VOICEMAILS!.

on each of these – and they were very few – i left number.

NO…i didn’t get a reply callback.


i went through steps 1- 7.

then stage two

i got through eventually to the correct NAMED neurologists secretary and i almost wouldn’t believe this is anyone told me it…

her voicemail said ” i am off on longterm sick leave. But if you would lke to arrange a Private appointment for Dr so-and-so then call the such-and-such clinic!”

un -b- e- liev- a- ble!

un -b- e- frigging-liev- a- ble!

not …a covering secretary….nope….but make a private appointment!

what abject cheek!

once i recover enough decorum and calm i repeat the process.

steps 1-7

stage 2

BUT even more cleverly i ask for the APPOINTMENTS department.

i SPEAK to the lady in appointments, who very DEFINITELY confirmed that…wait for it…… NO APPOINTMENT REFERRAL HAD BEEN MADE! 

So i call the switchboard again!

Steps 1-7.

Stage 2.

This time i ask for the NeuroSURGERY department.

they answered!

but when i told the lady which Doctor i had seen, she wasnt the one i needed to talk to….

she transfered me to the lady i needed.

it rang….out…..out….out…….for 20 minutes solid.

No answer,

No progress




don’t even start me!

rings out……..out…….out…..



  1. This is just woeful.
    You have my full empathy. Dealing with the NHS is making people sicker. I’m quite sure of that.
    I’ve waited since July to see a gynae Consultant. So I’m referred to a private practice at no cost to me. As NHS can’t cope with volume of props. So saw the consultant today. And I’m booked in for minor surgery on Sunday What is going on??

    • is a JOKE!
      since when have secretarys left THAT voicemail?
      and if, instead of being bolshy i was sitting trusting the NHS to sort the appointment out…when would i have got there?
      its a disGUSTING system!

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