composition…..arrange myself


There are very weird pluses to this weird brain issue….as an example…

Last night was VERY tired and thankfully slept very well!
I had to go to the loo….
I got up and went to the bathroom, and back to bed as quickly as I could…the plan being to roll back in and get back to sleep as quickly as possible 🙂
But my strange, bumpy, deformed brain had OTHER plans for the next few hours.
Half asleep, half awake, I was totally struck by a piece of music and the need to do an arrangement of it. 2 fiddles, tin whistle, organ, choir and soloist. A setting of Roisin Dubh – with a choral fusion….

I definitely WAS asleep when the clock went off, but had the clearest memory of all the parts I had planned ….
So got up, and what else could I do????

So 2 hours later am in the middle section….mens voices have just entered overlapping seamlessly with a drone under the 4 instruments…
Now it gets interesting….

Can’t wait……


One comment

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