in my fortys …..that age…….

In my 40s……just about…. 2 more years 🙂
BUT it has been a decade that I dreaded and then loved!

So to prepare you for it….

In your 40s you are too old for:

Unprofessional behaviour
Hidden Agendas
Biting your tongue
Doing what is *expected* when you don’t want to
Being bullied
Tolerating bullies in any context
Being spoonfed information
Believing doctor…because they are Doctors!
Getting fobbed off
Not being you and being how you want to be
Shopping for outfits in Topshop – just pieces
Wearing Clothes that are in fashion rather than what suits

In your 40s is a great age for :

Being in charge
Work at your best
Acknowledging everything is NOT perfect
Challenging people who you used be afraid of
Realising your generation is the most mentally able
Raising kids
Admitting you’re having a tough time
Counting friends by quality and not quantity
Being yourself
Know and acknowledge your strengths

In your 40s you do:

Get aches
Have Pains
Realise that life is too short!
Notice your parents age and mortality
Reflect on how to enjoy present
Try to discard guilts of past
Try to stop looking forward with dread- as. By now you realise that you can’t control the hand you are dealt
Stop beating yourself up
ADMIT middle age
Lose people you love
Seem to hear about illness everyday- yours or someone nearby!
Discuss the depression you suffered
Think about what you want to do and really concentrate on what your main focus in life should be
Professionally gain most success
Waste less time
Say “NO” easily
Appreciate the people you have
Value real friendships
Need support from friends
Deal with teenaged kids – warts and all!
Enjoy simple things
Realise that life is bloody tough.
Know that we all get dealt a bum hand – at some time, and learn there is no such thing as go back to NORMAL- this is IT!
Enjoy the life you have……



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