i can’t get no….SATISFACTION…

my MOBILE phone is a big part of me!

it keeps me in contact with the outside world..by text, email, twitter…

it keeps me relatively sane…as am not so mobile or healthy.

YET when it goes wrong, am i the only person who finds the PROCESS of resolution one of the problem , one of the frustrating experiences…for what seems it could be resolved very very simply????

my phone is a Blackberry Bold 9900 ….which is NOT functioning well.

i am on a Vodafone Package.

My phone is under Warranty ….i called by provider twice, and had their highest level technical repairs talk me through the “this will sort it” processes….and guess what? they didnt work.! and may i add that on one occasion they even took remote access of my PC!…NO JOY

but why is it that within 12 months, when a faulty appliance is under warrant, can i not simply not get a replacement handset – NEW.

am being offered a reconditioned handset …ie somone elses problems!

oh, and that is after several weeks when the team look at it to decide they can’t fix it – isn’t that already established.

PLUS…when you call you explain…

they put you through to tech level 1….

you explain to them….

they – under pressure …put you through to tech level 2…

you explain to them….

and they start the process.



i have so much REAL health problems going on….

haven’t time

haven’t energy and

Haven’t the patience for this nonsense.

So will try to get resolution quicker via Twitter…

give me strength!!!!!!





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