20 questions… me …..in brief synopsis!

i was asked a few months ago to fill in an article for local press before my Choir took part in a BBC Songs of Praise…its 20 questions …which cleverly cover quite a bit about you…so insider info to me. Will even out in the dvd clip for you…How personal is that???

 Helen Hamill.

47. Born and lives in Enniskillen. Mum of 4 children 20, 19,12,and 10 – phase one at College in Belfast, phase 2 at school in Enniskillen.

Married to Jimmy form Clones – who is now an Enniskillen Gael’s supporter!

Taught in St Fanchea’s and then Mount Lourdes from 1986 – 2007. Responsible for directing several choirs during those years.

Now director of Music in St Michael’s Church. Involved for many years in local Feis and more recently Musicals and Pantomimes.


We were delighted when Rev Kenny asked if we could perform a solo for Songs of Praise. We worked closely together for Her Majesty’s visit this year and we were all fully involved and very much part of a whole Enniskillen Community!

 We have chosen to perform a John Rutter work: “The Clare Benediction”.  The words we felt best suited the Remembrance theme…”May the Lord show His Mercy upon you. May the light of His presence be your guide”… Taken from Numbers 6:25
We have been using our last few weeks rehearsing and polishing up the work and hope to do it justice.
We are being accompanied by Glenn Moore- the organist from St Macartan’s.
Really looking forward to the event – both myself and the choir.


1.  What is your greatest strength? 

I tend to think “outside the box”. I suppose it comes from Maths and Music being my favourite subjects –helps me to see alternative ways to solve a problem.

2.  What is your greatest weakness? 

Not being able to say no.

3.  How would you like to be remembered? 

As someone who people could always depend on.

4.  What was your most embarrassing moment? 

When Stephen Fry tweeted me “Good morning. Now up you pop!” and I may have lost all shred of dignity in professing how much I love him….*still blush*

5.  How do you like to relax? 

I love to watch my sons play football. I like to watch Saturday night family TV with the family. And Jimmy and I love cinema so anytime there’s a decent film that is a definite evening out.

6.  What is your biggest regret? 

Not choosing a career in performance.

7.  What was the happiest day of your life? 


There are all the obvious ones – Wedding Day, births of my 4 children….so to try and single out a “special” personal day…is impossible,

As a performer, was the day that I had the opportunity to sing Raglan Road with Dónal Lunny accompanying.

As a choral director, that would definitely be the Queen’s Visit to the Church in May – the sense of whole community involvement was fantastic and was so genuinely proud of the Choir and how they performed on the day. Was one of those Epic Special Moments.

8.  What period of time would you like to have been born in? 

Happy to live now.

 9.  Where is your favourite holiday destination? 

We went on a family holiday a few years ago to Cortona, a small old city in Tuscany, It was beautiful.

10.  Which person (apart from family members) has had the most influence on your

This is the one question I found easy to answer! My first music teacher – way back when I was about 4 was Sr Catherine. She was an incredible lady and I learned so much from her,

 11. What is your favourite film/book? 

Film would be “As good as it gets” – with Jack Nicholson as a man with a few OCD traits…I can empathise with his hyper-organisation… (Should I admit that?).

Book would go for “The Mozart Effect” by Don Campbell – it is about the Power of Music.

12.  What makes you angry? 

Lies of any sort.

13.  Describe yourself in four words. 

Direct. Honest. Creative. Determined.

14.  Who would be your ideal dinner party guests?

Stephen Fry, Stevie Wonder, Albert Einstein, and Temple Grandin. All of these geniuses achieved their potential through using their exceptional ability – not being limited by their conditions – or disabilities as society might label them!

 15.  What do you miss most about Fermanagh when you are away? 

If I said the papers you wouldn’t believe me.  I am an Enniskillen person…born between the bridges,.so I really miss the warmth and comfort of a small community.  Oh and obviously my two dogs – Larry and Bono.

 16.  What is your least appealing habit? 

Am very glad you asked me and not Jimmy! I am told that I DO like to get in the last word. But I usually disagree…

17.  What would you do if you won the lottery? 

Pay my mortgage! Buy a house near the sea where I can watch and listen to the waves.

18.  If you could swap lives with someone who would you choose and why? 

I wouldn’t swap lives with anyone! I love my husband and my 4 children. It might sound twee but there you go!

19.  The world is about to end, how would you spend your last week on earth?           

            In denial….

20.  What would you like on your headstone? 

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