aside NHS…what a JOKE

in the past week…

just a FEW of the personal experiences i have with the Health Service and why i despise them and their FAILURE to care…

  • we don’t have access to your scans here – I will get my hands on them and then call you!?
  • the receptionist is off on long-term sick – on a voice-mail – the voice-mail of  the secretary of the man i need to get through to!
  • my GP openly admits to having no idea how to begin treating my back -either lower back pain or my chiari malformation, so has told me in pain then need to go to A+E
  • went to A+E…lovely doctor – obviously a LOCUM. couldn’t do anything as so many specialists had treated separate conditions and not looked at the overview, so I am left pretty much MAXED out on pain relief of all kinds….so there is nothing they can do for me!
  • my friend – an elderly lady, waiting for life-saving but essential surgery has had her surgery knocked back a fourth time in a week!
  • have my husband recording a drug sheet while i record a pain diary which i have no idea who cares about.
  • i enquired if i were to make a private appointment in UK would my health insurance cover it…YES…and in UK waiting time for NHS is 4 weeks!
  • friends son..Sam….tumour found 15 days ago but missed for months beforehand, was finally to start chemotherapy. 18 moths old…deferred due to bed cock up!
  • did almost get next cardiology appointment made – but that man is a nerd – in the most positive way, he is interested, kind and wants to help!
  • live 30 miles from pain clinic.
  • live 85 miles from neurosurgery
  • what a fecking waste of money
  • duty of care???
  • don’t start me!





  1. I hope you have a better day today and more success with the powers that be! Maybe someday soon ,like me, you’ll come to realise the NHS is full of caring, dedicated ppl and its a far far better health service than our friends and relatives in ROI have, no charge to visit GP or A &E, free medication and appliances,etc.etc When I’ve had my rants about NHS my friend, a nurse working in the busy Cancer Centre, is quick to remind me that there are isolated incidents, but there are thousands of satisfied patients being treated in their wards and clinics daily. The Patient and Client Council are the ppl who want to hear what ppl have to say about the health and social care service in NI. You’ll find them on the internet. Take care and do something you enjoy today! M

    • Miriam
      Am sorry.
      Am just in s bad place with healthcare at the minute – am not really getting any support from them and am still floundering to come To grips with pain.
      I know there are some great healthcare practitioners – but have had a very bad few weeks – and actually had another A+E trip last night…again a nice SHO but nobody can do a lot until directive from neuro…

      And I did flip totally at poor wee Sam – not getting started on his chemotherapy.
      That was the straw…camels…hamill’s back!

      Sorry for the rant
      Helen 😦

  2. You are right,nhs is in chaos, nurses,paramedics and majority of doctors are brilliant, its the system, my dad has cancer, its crazy, they gave him someone else’s medicine, they send letters, that make no sense, change appointments, without letting u know,the food is worse than, prisoners get, ,docs are under so much crap, they miss things,complete joke,id rather the American system, n get insurance,, a life time of taxes paid, and u get treated worse than criminals

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