top ten ambitions….

  1. to get on with life as i am – stop wishing pain was different
  2. to continue to do the positive things even though am in pain, as i may as well be in pain at the cinema as at home
  3. to try to look LOGICALLY – as i am really the only one who does overview the amount of medication am on. Can i manage any reshaping.
  4. to follow up on unfinished things – to stop putting them off, as i don’t like them. Stop leaving them in the back of my mind and get ON with them!
  5. to practice saying no – I did today – was asked to do music on Saturday – just a small performance, but said no…in interest of health pacing
  6. to take advice from other people in long term pain about how to manage LIVING with it.
  7. be proactive in collecting a timeline of symptoms and sending a letter, appealing to all care specialists to put their collective heads together, and suggest a timed plan.
  8. to try to get out a wee bit more…even though i really dont want to,
  9. to try not to depressed about how i look – to alllow myself to be full of drugs for now- and have reasonable aims…small changes..
  10. cool walking sticks…OT appointment soon…




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