twitter…pros and cons…

today i made the mistake  of asking a twitter friend @Creaner88 to pick me a topic to blog on.

His initial topic was about delusional men…but that was obviously a NOVEL, so his second suggestion was :

Twitter- Positives and Negatives.

so having sent the odd tweet, i thought that was a fair enough title.

Fot those of you who think we who tweet are twits, all i can say is i tried twitter once – about 3 years ago – when i heard Stephen Fry used it. That was me decided…i would belong. I wrote a message . Nobody replied. I thought it was the rudest social network , and very quickly uninstalled the app, and decided they were all a crowd of pretentious arses on that Twitter!

So about 2 years ago, when my health started limiting me to the sofa, my hubby @jjhamill thought i may give it a go, as it gave you a forum to comment on NHS, and heathcare, and education…so i tried it again….with 4 followers – all friends.

so here we are… more than 50,000 tweets later. (quite ashamed to divulge that out loud!) ….about 1400 followers…. and a keen tweeter…

@helenhamill will tell you the pros and cons for me!



  • the world is accessible – you can find information on any public interest topic. That means you can publicly make comment, enquiries or even criticism – as long as you put a good disclaimer that ALL VIEWS ARE YOUR OWN!
  • characters in positions of public authority are generally available to tweet – if they aren’t that speaks volumes about their ability to handle a public forum, or technical lack of ability!
  • there are groups of disenfranchised service users –  NHS complainants , Government objectors, local political issues all have many comments and threads that you can join in with and add your support,
  • you have the ability to MAKE threads trend – let public views be felt.
  • hear news as it happens
  • comment on live TV shows and be careful – as they are quoted…(have been caught there a few times…thankfully usually in more polite and articulate tweets!)
  • the contentious one. You find on twitter a bank of similar minded people , and in a way you find yourself “FRIENDS”. This is one that only tweeps understand. But you end up being able to spot a pain in the arse, as opposed to a bully, as opposed to someone you know you could meet and have a bit o craic with.- i have and i did!
  • its a national source of word of mouth information! Invaluable! @jjhamill and i have had to search for obscure medical specialisms, and access to medical articles – and were lucky enough to find very helpful people!
  • you become associated with your trend in tweets, and people are often referred to you for advice in a #payItForward sort of way.
  • Twitter folk must not lie – as the tweets can be RTed to them and the shame would be incredible, as i did prove to a small-minded Irish Musician.
  • Brilliant source of information – where do i go in wherever to do whatever- answers appear instantly!
  • when you want to be serious and use twitter seriously, there is always someone there to engage with.
  • when at the end of the day, you want to unwind, twitter friends are there.
  • Twitter NEVER sleeps – you can get updates on everything – when you want it!
  • Twitter and tweeting is cathartic – obviously in moderation!


  • some people become a little bit hooked…luckily, i do NOT have that sort of addictive personality.
  • not enough local politicians MLAs open themselves to this means of making contact with a technical generation – which i think is a massive pity.
  • there are the odd Twitter Pervs! – they are easily recognised as predators when they go out of the publicly viewable timeline, and start to send you private messages about your appearance – which having described myself as a 47 yr old mum of 4 , married to @jjhamill, i find downright bewildering! so thankfully the BLOCK button is easily accessed. And friends tend to share information like that.
  • you can occasionally lose all shred of dignity! like the time @stephenfry tweeted me – obviously at my request and said “morning. now up you pop!” . I could die happy. But WHY did i decide to immediately scramble back to tweet him my undying love… *still blush*
  • your husband – if like mine – he tends to use twitter as a rolling news service for topics which he finds interesting, CAN access and slag off the amount of tweeting you do…if obviously you were on a lot…which as previously mentioned i am NOT.
  • some of the Friends you have tend to slag off the odd accidental innocently used word, which in their neck of th woods, means something totally different…@nigilliy, @weswee37 @muldutch @jadonnelly and co….NEVER will they let me live those phrases down!
  • it makes the armchair, with a wee glass of drink beside you, like a virtual nigh out!…oh wait….that’s a BIG CON…with your onesie on….

Donal, this is a tough one….

can i do the delusional men instead???




  1. Mmmmm .. Ur average number of tweets per DAY is 55 .. Thats about 4 for EVERY single waking hour for the last 2.5 years .. Jeezzzzzzzzzzz !

    • oh for god’s sake at least i found a cheap addiction…ish 🙂
      PLUS…it keeps me off on-line shopping
      PLUS…some days am VERY busy, so others i must be very slow in tweets…

      plus…here we see a deluded man!…
      need i say more??

      • It seems to me like you are a very sweet lady who has found an outlet to the world. Have fun with it, just don’t forget your hubby! 🙂

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