Just the way you are.

DSC_0030just the way you are

24 years married

friends since 1984

always obvious we’d manage to end up together

can’t imagine being with anyone else.

for better or worse

had both!

in sickness and in health

at least you had the health…now we are both crocks 🙂

and still here holding on

still feel safe when you are with me.

need you more now as am old and failing

meant to be

me and you

since long before that stupid “For My Wonderful Wife” Card…

the one that asked what you wanted for Christmas…

and had the mirror in it.

Waaaay back before we went out

everybody knew

me and you.

4 beautiful children later

we have grown up

we have had to

through struggles, grief, pain, hurt…

you are a great daddy – that’s so much more than a father

you are a great son-in-law

you are there for my parents when i can’t be!

we have lived through so much now and i couldn’t have done it on my own

i love you

i depend on you.

you drive me mad!!!

you quote song lyrics all the time

you have a sense of humour that cracks you up!

you wreck my head like NOBODY else does


for the times i should say it and don’t

for any-time you wonder

for the times i drive you mad,

I love you …just the way you are.

Don’t change.

it’s me and you

still take on the world



Helen x


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