this is your life…in music….in fast forward

My baby girl is 21!

that , apart from meaning I am very old, is one of those times you try to do a DVD, a photo synopsis ….so this time i decided to TRY to do a flick over some of the important musiscal memories i have of Cora,

  1.  Once upon a December- Anastasia it was never a bit Disney movie, but she loved it. She had a wee plastic toy trinket box that when you opened it played this song, and it rang in my head for years 🙂

  2.  Mama Cass Eliot – Dream a little dream of me this was my baby lullaby. She was a nightmare to settle without cuddles- especially when we moved from carrycot to bug girl cot. So i had to sit in the room and hold her hand through the bars of the cot, and sing this to her. Eventually i had to record myself singing it until i filled a C90 audio tape. Then i would sit visible until the wee dark eyes closed and then press play ….and listened to myself crooning on the baby monitor for 45 minutes!

  3.  Colors of the Wind Pocahontas was a ballsy Disney lady. She admired her, but am afraid that John Smith was the first love of her life! She WAS Pocahontas…but you had to sneak a look at the faces she pulled as she got into the drama of performing this song…was about 5.

  4.  Stop-Spice Girls every wee girl born in the 90s was a girl-power fan! we even got a jumper hand -knitted with girl power on it. This song i remember cos at one stage we all knew the actions! Much more grown up. about 7?

  5. Santana – El Farol  Santana, was always a legacy of Jimmys younger days. Thankfully all our kids have managed to have very eclectic musical tastes….and my god when they realised we actually had some cool bands on vinyl, we became briefly cool again! teenaged.

  6.  Stevie Wonder-Isn’t She Lovely I am the Stevie Wonder origin. But the history of this song is that from the day she was born everytime he hears this song, Jimmy wells up as he thinks of his wee girl.

  7.  Everly Brothers – Crying In The Rain Jimmy is not a singer – by trade…but once upon a time he learnt a party piece . This would have been the daddy sing me a song request.

  8. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes  She was always a Disney princess- had the wee hard plastic heels and clip on earrings sets for years. She LOvEd Cinderella, and would – if begged- sing this song if i played it on piano for her. We have been to Disneyland Florida 4 times….she still queues up to get photos and autographs from the princesses.

  9. Part of Your World Ariel was a real love story. Ursula the sea witch did freak her out though. We had to see this show everytime we were in Florida too 🙂 was about 3 yrs old when she was hooked totally.

  10.  God Help The Outcasts My daughter always had a real sense of injustice – no idea where she got it – but this song. and the treatment of the outcasts really struck a chord. about 8

  11. The Hunchback of Notre Dame OST – 15 – Someday This one was the quality of music in the vocals .

  12.  Dvorak: Cello concerto, 2nd movement Poor Cora was never an easy sleeper. This concerto  for many years echoed around the house as she went to sleep. Dvorak on one side of a tape and Elgar cello cocerto on the other. Then she won a great CD player so we upgraded to movement 2 …on repeat. 9+

  13. Gustav Mahler – Adagietto from Symphony no. 5 wouldn’t you just die for Mahler? NO. but you would use it as music to study to. This movement especially – and you cant but admire her taste! 15+

  14.  Les Misérables (10th Anniversary) -One Day More! it has to be Colm Wilkinson and Michael Ball etc. She loves and has done for so many years this sountrack. Always had a fairly important place in our house…plus she did fancy Michael Ball just a tiny bit! aged 8+

  15. Turandot – “Nessun dorma” – Plácido Domingo when i was 8 months pregnant with Cora my college friend Regina Nathan was sharing a concert in Dublin with Placido Domingo. We drove down paid 75punts for each ticket too! Walked for ever to get there…and i was so sure she was coming out! Especially when he sang this! We met him after the show, and was one of the most overwhelming experiences have had. But ever since, as in infant, she could pick out and listen to Placido Domingo’s voice even in 3 tenors. As i thought was very impressive! 🙂 preborn!

  16.  B*Witched – C’est La Vie she may deny this one vehemently1 but i remember it being performed by the girls at a birthday party…Mairead doing the Irish dancing bit- badly! lol. aged 8/9?

  17. Amy Winehouse – Rehab when she was in her “challenging” years i had this one set as her caller ID. We both loved Amy Winehouse- and were desperately upset at her tragic addiction and death. about 16

  18. Mgr McGuinness 13 Communion #3 Flute Duet She would KILL me for posting this! Its her playing flute with her then tutor, Una-Frances. She is the one standing closer to me on the organ. This priest was and is a family friend and she agreed to play for him. She also performed it as part of her GCSE Music practical that year. Aged15

  19. Dont Stop Me Now Lyrics Queen was always a family Wayne’s world thing. Play it loud and proud and sing along. I remember plainly going on holidays when she was 9 and her singing about being a “sex machine ready to explode”, and us all having a wee shocked giggle!


Eclectic and Random but all part of the last 21 years.

but i love all this and the emotions flooding through me all week when listening to these…as all those lovely years came flooding back!

I Love you Cora –

even when you think i don’t

mam x



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