gallery my weekend…in pictures.


my parents…my husband and my beautiful daughter…

a selection of the debris

DSC_0268 DSC_0152

i love you Cora xx


my manchild…shares his emotional message…LOLDSC_0248sister  and sister in law….love you two xx














 and the next generationDSC_0112

a few of the nieces…

Charlie’s Ladles 🙂









my beautiful daughter…..

two little boys who adore their

sister so much…

she talks gramps through the memories of her life, spread all over the doors.
DSC_0009    Memories spread all over 8 doors – pictures of the years as they passed :). Such a simple and powerful statement!

especially wow on the double door – front and back…and she has BEGGED for it to be left up 🙂


my much better half- who did the real work…who does all the work, and he isn;t well but constantly carries my work as well as his own. And since i know how shattered i am, i dread to think how shattered he must be!

as life goes…there were so many emotional moments this weekends, for so many reasons. Serious illness that faced the family, tragic events, memories  that are still very raw, recapping the last year and all its impact for us, openly expressed love, and family and friends reinforcing that they are there for us.

I love you folks xx

45805_610190072340698_1537824503_n (1)


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