Doctor Who……….cares……..

today back to the Doctor.

Not the neurologist, or the neurosurgeon, the orthopaedic team or even the cardiologist – all of these are upcoming appointments.

Today was with the general Medical Consultant – the one who i have always felt is interested in ME. He is the one that when I was so upset about the disinterested  dismissive treatment by the neurologist, I phoned him…spoke to his secretary, emailed stuff to him and fairly straight away was given his first available appointment.


These are my hospital notes.

Pretty impressive in a crocks world, yeah?

Pretty depressing in reality!

But he is the one Doctor i trust.

He looked at these tow pictures…me in Feb 2012 …me in Feb 2013

201102 valentines 2011DSC_0060 - Copy



why does nobody else care?

He is angry at their medicate one part of me ethos

talked about their lack of professionalism.

wants me to go back to neurologist and confront.

agrees that when 2 visible malformations in brain why discard possible symptoms just because treatment is dangerous?

my BP is now 153/95…rising this year

my weight increases every appointment

my fitness drops

my morale drops

my overall conditions become more complex.

He reinforced that any time i want him, i just phone his secretary and he will see me.

He agreed with me requesting that the neurosurgeons reading of my scan should be sent to him – and when it is, we meet again.

He again talked about the unprofessional behaviour of the two specialists  neurologist V neurosurgeon where one blames one defect, the other blames the other – basically neither wanting to treat or manage a problem.

I watch the Brain Doctors.

I don’t want any ejit going poking in my brain unnecessarily, but this is symptomatic.

my life isn’t really a life now- so much as a life sentence!

He says He will be there to sort me out – the LIFE i have. He will see me throughout the entire journey.

He has a famous neurosurgeon friend who can and will consult at any stage.

I gave him bundles of literature…on deformities.

He held my hand, caringly….as he always does.


and i gave him a thank-you for caring Kiss.











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