imagesFriends are:

  • not like family – you choose them
  • in all sorts of guises
  • sometimes for life, sometimes for a brief spell, sometimes you re-find them later in life
  • nearby -cup of tea, glass of wine, reachable
  • far away – but at the end of the phone when you need them
  • on twitter -you find like minded people and some of them you develop a close connection to – and can chat by DM and offload your life
  • listening
  • not judging
  • not checking how often you make contact – they just love when you do
  • able to read the body language and know when you need them to hold you, or to give you space.
  • there to laugh with you – but there to cry with you too!
  • two-way traffic. To have one you need to be one.
  • meant to be different than you – otherwise what do you gain from listening to each other?
  • honest – they tell you when your ass looks big in that dress…otherwise why bring them shopping
  • people who know what to do and when!
  • can argue and disagree, but love each other throughout!
  • sometimes able to sense when to text you…and get it right.
  • grow with you. do you want them to stay the same while you change? we all grow constantly – a good friendship grows with you.
  • able to be wrong and say sorry – and you forgive.
  • not hiding any agenda.
  • concerned…but will NOT wrap you in cotton wool and hugs on your crap day…not always 🙂
  • encouragement
  • crucial to your sanity
  • helping you when you are ill
  • with you for life’s highs and lows
  • there for your rants
  • there to tell you to stop ranting.
  • an escape clause for a while
  • there when your heart is broken
  • there when you grieve,
  • a way to measure yourself.
  • when you feel you have none, just look around  make the call and it was YOU who was holding back.
  • not age related.
  • not exclusive of family…sometimes you choose a sister, cousin to be a friend.
  • on your mind at certain times – when you know they need you.
  • supportive..with a hug…
  • supportive..with  kick in the arse.
  • allowed to be different, think differently, say they think differently and give advice.
  • reaching out …you need to reach back.
  • there



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