never trust a….

YES i am old

YES i am cynical

but damn it, it took a lot of life experience to get me to this grumpy old git position.

and i have decided there are some people and jobs you can NEVER trust….

Never trust:

  • a dentist- when you have bad teeth you need work. They have this phrase,” i could do a temporary job, but i think before long we will need a crown” – and you feel obliged to fork out for the big job.
  • a dentist – when your teeth are good . That’s when they decide to do a deep series of Xrays and a powerhose! out comes the credit card either way.
  • a mechanic. They are another group who when you bring the car in with a wee squeak, they shake the heads in despair, and i am nearly convinced they GUESS a part. and you KNOW in your heart, that its the first of a clatter of parts before your car will recover! Out comes the plastic again!
  • a door-to-door salesman. Have learnt the hard way that £20 box of fish fingers, is ….a box of fish fingers! i now say NO!
  • an occupational consultant. This is one i think i have made a discovery on. Most occupational health doctors seem to “appear” and have no previous history anywhere near where they start to practice. Am convinced they have a mystery history of malpractice somewhere and are farmed out into a surgery where they prescribe nothing and can do least harm!
  • a politician – they possibly went into politics because they had really strong plans to make change. BUT then they sell their souls when they join a PARTY. They lose the right to have an opinion. tragic. and why i could NEVER be a politician.
  • a doctor’s opinion – thats all it is ….an OPINION! the course he did does NOT make him God. Now he is probably deluded enough to believe it does, but do NOT take an opinion as a test result! And ask for written reports on all tests. you will notice they don’t like this, as it means you have an opinion…so use it! question, argue, demand…it is YOUR health…not his. it’s just his job!
  • a car salesman  – you just can’t. unless you know that one careful lady driver, it was a little boy racer!
  • an estate agent- there are more ghosts bidding against you than there are in any ghost story! When someone is on a commission….beware!
  • Health Dept statistics. They are generated and airbrushed in such a way you would NEVER recognise the reality!
  • the diagnosis VIRUS – unless it applies to your computer. Virus in illness terms loosely translates as “not a clue”.  Ask for bloods to show inflamatory markers, or viral screening…
  • anyone who will NOT directly look you in the eye
  • your teenaged child when you ask “who’s going” and they keep digging in the fridge and answer “everybody”!
  • someone who is 100% Little House On the Prairie wholesome ALL the time….there is no such thing!

That’s all!




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