media madness…….our minute of fame!

We have a lovely  HUMDRUM life…and yes…those of you not old enough to appreciate the beauty of an ordinary day, then you really haven’t lived through a TOUGH period in life!….you will learn, young Jedis.

So my Sedentary, chronic pain lifestyle continues…and i accept it. I ask every night ,”what’s in the planner for tomorrow?” and i LOVE the answer..”nothing tomorrow.”

But this week was weird…weird with a capital W.

I blog, for sanity…or attempts at retaining last shreds of sanity.

My 12 year old son blogs  …as he is a great example of a happy boy with great understanding of his Aspergers…

A few weeks ago, we had contact with a great Ambassador for Aspergers – Adan Harris, who had read Fionn’s blog, and liked the 12 year old perspective, and asked Fionn would he guest blog for a week on his internet site.

Fionn did, and had a lot of very positive feedback.

We had several other Irish charities contact us, and ask if they could use Fionn’s pieces. Of course we agreed hoping they’d help some others to see the condition as clearly as Fionn does.

The last request we had was from saying that they had particularly liked one of the pieces he had written and wondered would we mind if they covered a column…sure we agreed and forgot about it…until someone sent me a message that they had seen the column. In one weekend, it was viewed by >20,000 people and shared by 6000 of them – on either Facebook  twitter, or email. It was overwhelming! and the emotions as i replied to each comment left….i was speechless.

Monday Morning.

  • phone call…Newstalk FM… are you Fionn’s Mam? we would like to interview Fionn after the incredible reaction to his writing. I shocked…said i will ask him!
  • phone call…RTE One…are you Fionn’s mam….this was crazy…he left a mobile number for Fionn to call him to chat if he felt he was interested in doing an interview.
  • phone call…RTE One…Same fella…do you by any chance blog too? “yeees”. Did you write a blog at the weekend about what you want at your Eulogy? “yeees.”….we were hoping you would do an interview. We think its a great topic for discussion…..
  • twitter DM ….wil Fionn do an interview for local paper. We have heard about the reaction to his blog. …YES….emailed questions on Wednesday replied done.
  • Thursday morning
  • IMG-20130228-00006
  •  Hilarious interview…and have made note to self…NEVER blog on a weird topic again!
  • Friday letter in post. your youngest Child, Caoilte  has won an award for young writers, and his work will be published in …..
  • Calls from RTE about arrangements and dates for Fionn next week
  • Calls and plans for Dublin studio for Fionn week after next
  • Cards from locals…of whom i had told ZERO…and assumed nobody would hear me…congratulating me on interview.



Next week, can we go back to Humdrum?


Excitement is great…but there is only so much you can cope with!?

Does ANYONE know how to blog Journalists from your blog? LOL

John Murray…you can keep your job…i will keep my cushions:)








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