i really get upset when…

I am a fairly strong and capable person in terms of doing what am good at.

i take on the most crazy crusades and they engage me…and a fail makes me more determined to continue drive…

But its amazing how some of the very simple things can really get to me!

  • rude shop assistants – the ones who KNOW without checking that they have none in age 9…”everything we have is out!”
  • people who are ageist- and openly so!
  • mental health conditions NOT taken seriously or not discussed as if they are perfectly normal!
  • NHS trust managers’ arrogance…and i generalise…it may only be 90% of them
  • alzheimers and the ignorance of doctors in treating it, and of the state in HELPING the carer – or NOT.
  • people equating intelligence or education with entitlement to respect – respect is earned at a personal level for me
  • LIES….any shape or form
  • schools which only award high achievement …there are other areas of strength!
  • parents allowing children to sit in and but in on adult conversation.
  • people unable to respect privacy – who you learn to tell nothing to.
  • having trust broken.
  • small minded people who have preconceived ideas on local groups and projects.
  • bulling – whether in children, teenagers on social media or in workplace
  • unwillingness to give credit where credit is due.
  • Mismanagement of Institutional Abuse!
  • i am left out of an invite…old and crock…but would sometimes like the option to be included.
  • size related humour – nobody WISHES to be the size they are…they manage to learn to live with it..not easily..
  • being taken for granted.
  • snobbery
  • banks robbing the nation
  • injustice in the Poctcode lottery of provision!
  • God-Complex stance of too many Doctors.
  • People establish rules for rules sake…illogically.
  • any of my family get upset
  • people underestimate what others are going through.
  • Positions of Power being abused.
  • people who assume disability is obvious!
  • inability to assume you are bing offered best advise medically without having to ask and research…
  • Welfare reform bill – and absolutely everything about it
  • Northern Ireland PETTY politics…wish we ere grown up and had devolved and evolved as a nation that could govern, not argue over history
  • integration as a term – if it were a POLICY then we would not need highlight the issue.
  • Special needs children assumed to have low intelligence – rather than teachers having interest in finding a way of helping them learn.

is that a lot?


grumpy old git me!



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