Women…who matter…



For so many of you mean so much to me!

  • mam…you won’t ever know that I am writing this…but i Love you mammy…through the fog
  • my sister …you will never know how much i rely on you and admire your strength…never stop..i love you.
  • my daughter ….you will never read my blog I know…but you are so beautiful with so much i am proud of. i love you unconditionally and always.
  • Pat …you are my special cousin…we may not meet often, but you are there and I fell the support. Love you!
  • my mother-in-law who i admired so much – i miss you Patricia.
  • to the women who watch over me from above…i FEEL you there and i call on you and i know you are there…yet here in my mind. Please keep watch.
  • Elizabeth, Teresa, Caroline who physically are there for me.
  • friends…so many of whom i have never even met,
  • friends who i can count on being at the end of the phone
  • friends who are always there…
  • you listen
  • you teach me
  • you help me
  • you are there when i need to be picked up
  • you are creative
  • you solve the confusion
  • you visit me when i a sick
  • you understand my pain
  • you care about me throughout
  • you are there on the days when it is dark and i need help
  • you tell me the truth
  • i get belly-laughs!
  • you tell me what i NEED to hear!
  • when i need to relax you help me chill
  • when i need that kick on the arse to keep going, ….there are MANY volunteer feet
  • you keep me grounded.
  • we cry together when we need!
  • you all have special gifts you bring
  • you think of me
  • there are prayers when appropriate
  • i can scream when i need
  • you each have that stroke of difference..one-off-models
  • you don’t mind
  • you don’t judge you think
  • you don’t talk when silence and hugs needed
  • you dont forget when it matters
  • you are there on twitter when i need a voice
  • you are deep when i need that
  • you are superficial when i need that
  • you evolve with my needs
  • i admire you
  • you inspire me in all your ways
  • you care uniquely
  • i don’t ever mean to take you for granted
  • i rely on you
  • i need you all
  • i am here too
  • here for you
  • i am always here for you
  • women are special
  • you are special
  • i LOVE you.

h x



  1. Love you too Helen. There’s a connection that”s so strong. I know you’re there for me and I am there for you. Thank you for making me feel so special xxx

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