My son on John Murray!rii=9%3A20168942%3A4502%3A%3A



cant describe how well his interview went.

Discussed loving his aspergers..effortlessly!

A success in parenting…

so far!





  1. Hi Mrs Hamill! You might not remember me, but you taught me music in MLE from1997-2000 (I wasn’t very good!)

    Randomly heard the interview, and its taken me a few days to put two and two together, and realise who you are!!

    Your son is a real inspiration, and from reading your blog, you haven’t had it too easy recently. Hope things improve, and keep the faith!


    • hi Anne-Marie,
      he is a great view on Aspergers…and for those facing the diagnosis with a no hope outlook…he is the MOST confident of my children…irony?
      Yeah life is challenging..but i now measure success as being above the ground 🙂
      and thank God for heatpacks 🙂

      and we can move on to HELEN !

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