10 things I like…..

  1. no bullshit people. The kind that you know what you see is what you get. and there are so many of them around…or is it that you kinda sell each other out?
  2. Helping people. met a mam today and she told me that she follows son’s blog at autisticandproud.wordpress.com with her Asperger’s son and it has helped so much…the info about the feelings, the Asperger’s head, the things that help in a classroom and that’s what it was all about!
  3. Friends…real friends that ae there when i need them and its a pay it forward type relationship. I help them, they help me….like today at Mass had 3 incredible musicians who just came, played and lifted the entire music to a Celtic experience…and we know each other so well was effortless… but WOW!
  4. People who understand me….who know i detest hidden agendas. who trust me as a loyal and principled person who tries her best to work for health provision and education provision for all…the crusader in me…never for me…always for all
  5. Community …at a Parochial level. Today was great example.
    • Church all enjoying wee Irish treat.
    • Parade a cross-community event.
    • Presentation and family day in football club to under 10 gaels.
    • Feeling the personal goodbyes…by name…as you leave…
    • THAT kinda community!

6. People who without you having to remind them daily know that your life involves a serious amount of stuff – like you do about theirs. I feel crushed by:

    • worries about mam’s alzheimer’s,
    • help daily as fully as i can with my son
    • deal with and worry about the unpredictable aspect of husband’d drug reaction. We have NOTHING to base this on.
    • i am a TOTAL crock.
    • and there’s more to come when i finally get my heart surgeon sorted out
    • and chiari malformation? we haven’t even started
    • new phase for us now husband is no longer able to work due to Scopoderm.

7.  things i can do with music. Direction and Performances. Since i don’t work now, or can’t work now, what i do, i choose…can’t be much…but i only do what i like to do …and so it means so much to me now.

8. people who KNOW me and what i stand for. That i am entirely honest, and that is a good thing. That i HATE lies. That i don’t do polite petty politics and superficial situations. That i don’t have hidden agendas. You know where you stand with me…and i think that is well known.

9. Gaelic matches with my family. We have always had a family culture with the kids of going and watching local teams and county team…it’s a great community feeling, and i can always manage to clear whatever is in my head to enjoy the experience of a match… especially if one of sons playing.

10. to see my children have the confidence, the life experience  the memories of travelling every year to new cultures. We don’t change the car …instead we go all out of a family holiday. They’ll always remember them. They will stand up for their beliefs, and state their pinions. They are little lefties…and i LOVE that….their inner sense of injustice. That most of all…i love



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