10 things a BLOG is…or 10 things MY BLOG is…

Definition of blog


  • a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.

verb (blogs, blogging, blogged)

[no object]

  • add new material to or regularly update a blog:it’s about a week since I last blogged
  • [with object] write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) in a blog:he blogged the Democratic and Republican national conventions as an independent

taken from Oxford Dictionary Online.

I never Planned to Blog.

I did establish a blog for my asperger’s son  – http://www.autisticandproud.wordpress.com

When i Personally decided to Blog, twas after having being diagnosed with 2 abnormalities in a brain scan.  I found so little information on what would happen, what were possibles, what to expect, what to prepare for, that i decided that I would record all as i went though the process. I remember discussing it with @auntyamo  , and saying I was thinking of establishing one, to inform on my health journey ….she thought i was mad…brave…but MAD.

I don’t have any illusion or any delusion of being a writer….i think…and i write it as if i am speaking it. No aspirations of any literary skills – in fact – English was probably my WORST subject…but TRUTH i have spent a lifetime perfecting.

As i got into the Blogging it became something that i have found unbelievably catharctic, and I enjoy writing down and clearing my head. So….i suppose i should tell you WHY i blog, what i blog??

  1. HEALTH – mainly mine..and therefore mainly bad health. I have a shit day..so i SAY i do. It saves me stagnating with bad form, and allows me the self-indulgence of getting a wee HUG from the odd caring reader. It also means if i tag relevant issues that similar sufferers may gain from my experience, or I from theirs.
  2. APPOINTMENTS – mainly mine also. I find medical appointments frequently massively disappointing, and sometimes surprisingly positive. Whichever it is….out onto “paper” it goes. It is MY experience of how I felt treated, and at times – when in a complex heath situation it ends in tears…but i write it down, and find that others have had similar, or are there to pick me up and keep me going. So rather being an anti DrX rant, is a how i feel evaluation…. (DrX I am sure is well capable of blogging  HIS day! lol)
  3. ALZHEIMER’S – my mum is in the advanced stages of dimly lit alzheimer’s world. There are so many things that I want to say to her, to people who disrespect the current her, to people who have also been though this, and I do. It’s my way of saying things to her….
  4. FAMILY LIFE – any day where we have an event that matters, when family gives me a buzz, a wake up call, when one of the children is having a tough time, when my husband isnt well, then it is foremost in the worry line…so makes its way into a Blog. Sometimes its a bit reflective and not really for any reason other than a proud mammy moment…deal with that, the odd time! 🙂
  5. FLASHBACK -to good old, or bad old times. Sometimes there are issues from childhood, that emerge unexpectedlyand need to be workedor even thought out. occassionally i am amazed at what comes out – but am convinced if it didn’t need to rear its ugly head, it wouldn’t!
  6. ASPERGER’S – i know i have  separate real blog for views on and experiences on life with Aspergers, BUT there are times that i need to acknowledge how proud I am of Fionn’s success and achievement. His self-awareness and resilience have been recognised by many and I do the odd time need to just be the mammy and SMILE 🙂
  7. MY PICnMIX RELIGION –the wildcard is the  best way to describe the RANDOM few… the Eulogy Blog, the Wish to be buried on Good Friday, the Vatican 3…I embrace the parts of Catholic Faith I want to, and I would LOVE to change quite a few issues which to me do NOT represent ME in any way. My rant is not usually a personal attack – more an attack on the establishment..and its mistreatment of humanity….past and present…..not the faith.
  8. GOD COMPLEX- NHS- BAD practice. Since i retired due to my health, i have spent so much time examining, writing strategies, seeing politics in practice within NHS. i abhor the heirarchical theoretical system which i will NOT acknowlede in the NHS. I abhor the Russian Doll style Middle management system – where…like in a Doctor Who Episode, you feel you have left one, and turn around and an equally insipid and flaccid person is there…constant…new faces…same bureaucratic waste of funding.  Perhaps i devote a teeny bit of me-time to this, but I WISH more people realised what exactly they are legally entitled to be informed of, to question their doctor about, and to have choices about in their OWN healthcare. One of the things that has disimproved with time is the “production” and “direction” of Health Care. I hope i NEVER give a watery opinion on that one!
  9. PROVISION INEQUITY – be it in health or education, we should have an at least standard of entitlement. It angers me, for instance, that Parent’s of SEN children have to take on the education system and the health system as they do, to ensure good practice of provision for their children – while bureaucrats in advisory capacities are paid to implement guidlines and situation specific help. I can’t count the number of parents who approach me about their battle to have a childs’ needs met. What happens if they give up? What happens if they don’t know they have to monitor and be involved in the care package?  While we have had very positive working partnerships with our sons’s schools, so many have dreadful experiences. Having a SEN child is a challenge in itself. To have to battle for this child’s right to meet his or her potentioal – academic, emotional, social is NOT good enough. I worked inside the system of provision on production of regional advise, but education stayed outside examiniation. So I arm parents with advise – their only agenda, as was mine , is for a child to have  independent resilient life skills, and an education to a job which will suit his/her interests…
  10. MUSIC – the odd time i need to hea a particular piece. It fits with my mental capacity and state at that time…from “end of my tether” right to “mellow- middle-aged- moment”…music supports me. So i like to share the special bits with you. Once a Musician- always a musician…i HATE the way i can’t enjoy a piece without analysing why, but thats what education does to you..Today i wondered at the Japanese Choral Version of the “St John’s Pasion” – and how they had an almost english version of German, and the only Japanese feature to me, was the urgency of the Chorales……oh FFS…is it any WONDER I NEED TO BLOG????? @auntyamo you were RIGHT! i AM MAD!

blog  Hx



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