As i was reading a friend – a kung-fu master’s blog this week, she, @auntyamo had blogged about a few letters of the alphabet……  http://ficticiousamo.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/bicycle-blunder/

so i started thinking…and just started at letter A….dear GOD….the amount of A’s which in a significant way govern my life was scary!.

So today is brought to you by the letter A…

and NOT in any particular order…

  • arachnoid cyst – i have one in the parotid area of my brain. Neuro’s “feel” it is harmless and not keen to remove. I feel it will be harmless when this lump is in a dish with a biopsy report that says harmlesss
  • arnold Chiari malformation – i also have one of these nice boys in my brain. This is where you brain doesn’t stay inside your skull cavity, but extends to your spinal column. This , strangely, is notorious for headaches, neruo effects, life altering problems, but my neuro “feels” it isn’t causing the many LISTED side effects. Strange people neuros…
  • aspergers – my son is 12 and has aspergers syndrome. He is very able now to explain his “thinking” and how he manges the bits he needs to to integrate in a full way, and how he loves te strengths he finds with the differences it gives him!
  • www.autisticandproud.wordpress.com  is where he blogs at.
  • alzheimers – my mam has degenerated a lot recently but has been cared for by my dad throughout her horrible degenrative illness. She is very lost in the fog now.
  • asthma – suffered all my life with asthma  – is very brittle and classified as life-threatening in a crash.
  • arrhytmia – i have electrical heart problems. Irregular beat, and at times takes off as if i have been jump-started! Also now has combined fluctuations in bloodpressure
  • AVNRT – my heart surgery corrected an AVNRT – all i know is that means an atrial ventricular node re-entry tacchicardia…ish (she bluffs)…
  • ADR =Adverse Drug Reaction this became a constant feature of hammilly family life a year ago. My husband had an ADR to an off-label, drug of conevnience. He has gone from a 20 miles a week runner to an unwell middle aged man…and it breaks my heart…he was always so well.
  • ablation – this i have in 2 contexts.
    • the correction procedure for the heart defect was a burning or sealing of a leak in the heart
    • the pain relief procedure that i have had to have since by car crash to make my lumbar spine pain manageable is a radio frequency ablation…to burn and deaden the nerves in the painful area.
  • Autism Awareness – I am aware of autism all the time…i spent years campaigning and trying to change strategy for provision…am now concentrating on helping Fionn’s words to help others understand autism through his active blogging.
  • Appointment.…one tomorrow, one Friday, 2 monday…need i say more?
  • Apathy – in many doctors this is as polite a word as i can use for their dismissive disinterest in me, my standard of life, and my happiness
  • Arrogance – is the God Complex attitude of the same doctors, the “i feel it is benign” diagnosis ability they FEEL means as much as a biopsy…hellooo? The fact that you have 2 clearly defined brain malformations but they bypass both and very rudely dismiss your reaons and symptoms one by one. HOW DARE THEY! This Friday….I am going in ARMED (another A-word) with enough facts to answer back. this worm has turned…big wig!
  • Activity – i have NONE. i have the most sedentary lifestly- governed by illnesses, only some of which are listed, but i live a life of permanent pain! 😦
  • Abuse – don’t wish to reopen this…but i was 10
  • Addictive personality – many have the wrong idea about me and twittter- i am NOT addicted, but i feel i almost a sense of duty…wonder if there will ever be an MBE for twitter informing? public duty? There are other addictions in our life in other members which have cuased such enormous trouble to us.
  • ability-the ability of my kids is the frightening one. I know what i can take on…and by god do i take it on! by the **lls. But my kids have so much abiity – that scares me, the pressure that carries, the pressure they put on themselves, in different ways, that scares me… and the older they get….yep….sorry but the worse the worry gets!
  • Ambassador– in this one refers again to my Aspergers son and his capacity with words. His way of defining himself as his aspergers thought, as separate to himself. That offers so many people the insight to autism. Teachers, parents, medics, autistic people, carers… he is so genuinely uncomplicated that the signiifiance of eht he can do is entirely wasted on him- one of the beautiful facets to his personality.
  • alcohol- i had a beautiful friend who died about 6 years ago. I realised in a very big real way that one day you are living a good life and the next you get a death sentence. Reinforced by my OHs cancer last year. Alcohol in my case is my little bit of “you only live once” ………and i ENJOY, as does he, our wee drink or two everynight. (am trying so hard NOT to mention my 2 college kids for whom, and in who’s context it means a horrendous volume, bodily self-abuse, recovery day, and a waste of limited funding!)
  • aortic stenosis– my mum has this. its very advanced and i hate it.
  • Amen… refers NOT to the pic-n-mix catholic me, but the Church Music Director me. Th love i have for the msuic i produce in the church, and the enjoyment and value it adds to my life… the ONE thing, i am still doing – pain and all.

and i FLATLY refuse to go through the remainder of the alphabet….am shattered!




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