What is the best way to die???

spent this afternoon at my aunt’s wake.

we were chatting – my cousin and i over the remains about the advantages of how she had died…the positives….as you do…and it brought me back to that thing i keep thinking about…

what is the best way to die?

we all think things like that….yes? don’t we?

die in your sleep: i think these types of death must be the loveliest. I like to think that you fall asleeo, and don’t waken up. You just stay asleep. I know it must be a terrible shock for your partner, but the comfort that you felt no pain….must be the ideal death!

sudden death: again lovely for the person involves as they have liver their life to the end…and no illness or demise…but so shocking for family again.

longterm-illness: this one frightens me. its that you DO get time to say and relate to your family, in a quality way…but would it be like a living wake?

loss of dignity: this is horrendous. Where a degenreative disease is going to rob you of all dignity. i think this must be the worst way to finish a life.

but THANKFULLY, i think there really is a time and  a plan in this…somehow.

That is the way i have to believe it happens for sanity.

Because so many lives end in such horrible ways….

i have to HOPE there is a God…who decides…how ….and when

and in the meantime…live every day, as fully as i can…



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