gallery 10 things i LOVE………..

Here they are in no particular order…
Have decided that as life is so challenging, to take the advice of a wise friend (miriam) who told me, when things are unbelievably tough, to try to single out things I love…
So complete with pictures, that would be…

1. HUG – squish – nothing is as good for making you feel loved or valued as a HUG

2. MATCH- a family event- love our simple events like a gaelic match where
Jimmy, myself and the kids go – its an easy day out…and we love it.

3. CHILDREN- my 4 children. I can’t describe what they mean to me. The thoughts, the memories…yes the worries, but that love of your child is irreplaceable. And there is Always something incredibly special about watching your children sleep …whatever age they are …as they sleep they go back to your baby πŸ™‚

4. PARTNER – jimmy – we are together married almost 25 yrs!!! But lumps bumps warts and all, I couldn’t imagine EVER being as comfortable and happy with any one else. Its funny how your OH is the one who drives you BATS but who knows you inside out, who you tell all to…. Couldn’t have done life with anyone else.

5. DUBLIN – temple Bar- there is a special place in my heart for Dublin, and no matter where we go as a family, our children love Dublin and that Temple Bar energy sums it up. Well…that and George’s Street Market.

6. Le Bag – designer bag – the thing I now buy once a year as a hand me down to my daughter….she keeps her eye on them! Its a beautiful way to spend the present my church choir give me. I love it – and always have it from them…

7. MUSIC – or musical event. It may seem a tad random to have in here a picture of the Queen , but we sang for the Queen this year, I sang with Donal Lunny, I have produced musicals, videos for TV…all of them have special significance to me.

8. HOLIDAYS – specially family holidays. We have always given our children independence and confidence and as many life experiences as we could. They have travelled to as 3 continents of the 4 we have managed to visit. To see them order meals, confidently organise needs at reception, take sightseeing in their stride…is a great sight to see. I have so many memories of them on all of those trips…

9. ALCOHOL- my nightly drink- we have made a deliberate choice that life is HARD. And that we deserve to unwind and have our wee time at night with a relaxing drink. It’s a good habit.

10. SEA – I LOVE the sea. Particularly the waves. The strength, the force of water, the expanse of the ocean. I used to imagine I would love to retire to, or have a holiday home at the sea. Doesn’t matter where in the world as long as there are the waves…the noise, the force of nature, the smell, the spray…it has a calming effect on me. I could sit for hours on rocks and watch the sea…
Rapidly abandoning the dream of the house…but not the love of the sea.

So those are my 10 loves…
And the images that represent them…




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