Britains got talent??? and a lot of deluded unimaginative people!

BGTi really don’t like reality TV
i really HATE freak show telvision
but i do have my children to consider and there is an aspect of Saturday Night  family tele.

  • Opportunity Knocks was about talent- YES!
  • why oh why are the so many reality TV nightmares?
  • why is there a public compulsion to watch people humiliated?
  • why do the poor deluded people think it is funny to stand up and have their moment of skin crawling mortification…where are their friends?
  • why the PUBLIC inhuman damning?
  • why is that funny?
  • it isn’t – it’s hurtful!
  • where is the credibility of the judges?
  • you put through a brush dressed as a nun?
  • the point of 80 % of it is to create mass shock!
  • where is the real talent?
  • there is no sucg thing as a million %!
  • this one…i really dont get….
  • a chair/lap dancer…the queen would LOVE that…
  • aw well…
  • tabloid tv!
  • i like David Walliams…
  • my kids are entertained..

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