what way should an ADULT behave?

Definition of adult  (Oxford English Dictionary)


  • a person who is fully grown or developed:children should be accompanied by an adult
  •  a fully developed animal.
  •  Law a person who has reached the age of majority.


  • fully grown or developed:an adult woman
  •  of or for adult people:adult education
  •  emotionally and mentally mature:an effort to be adult and civilized
  •  suitable only for adults (used euphemistically to refer to a sexually explicit film, book, or magazine).

its a strange thing to wonder…

i spent my life in employment in teaching working with teenagers –

  • the ones who think they know it all,
  • blame you when they are in trouble and
  • give you no credit when the achieve success
  • they huff
  • take generalised comments as personal offenses
  • weep and wail as love lives change
  • and in my choir work their arses off – took dog’s abuse – and NEVER EVER let me down!
  • keep in contact for years afterwards
  • have so many close friendships that began as pupil/teacher…
  • i LOVED working with them 🙂

i suppose i was always a little bit of a leftie, and that probably extended into my classroom .

If your jumper was rolled up, you had make up on, but you were doing your best – that was ok for me!

If you were an ” awkward fit”…a “challenging child” who was not considered easy to get work from, that didn’t bother me – we worked out a relationship of our own.

Music was a subject that lent itself to one-to-one relationships, and difficult not to form ties with pupils. It, like art, is a very personal, expressive form of creation and i loved that.

The great thing about music is that musicians never stop being musicians.

You just take music froma different angle…perform, arrange, direct, enjoy, listen – you rediscover what Music meant to you befor it became your means of earning a living. Was a lovely transition into the mellow years of ill-health…

Because you are ill, you tend to fall out of contact with a lot of younger people, so i observe ADULTS now.

Also Much of the music i do now come into contact with is in an all adult context.

Whereas I understood adolescents, i will NEVER really get to terms with adults!

they are meant to be:

  • fully grown
  • physically mature
  • mentally mature and
  • emotionally mature.

So when does that happen?

I am 48.

I feel that my personality is strong. Developed. I am honest but fair. I am capable of extracting beautiful music from performers i work with.

Adults are meant to be able able to behave ! They are meant to be nice to each other. Been non political. and to have learned from the university of life that

  • family – you do your best for – try!
  • huffing is not an adult thing
  • friendships matter – more with age
  • be there for friends
  • nobody is permanent- enjoy each other
  • we are meant to support each other
  • lifelong friends are rare and to be treasured
  • adults should be life and situation savvy
  • you know how much friendship carries you through
  • they are too old to be childish
  • they have lived enough to know that

when i grow older, i want to be LESS childish

sometimes people let me down…

and by letting themselves down….

you are clearly NEVER to old to get things wrong…


like this…..enjoy….and breathe …



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