I am what I am.

not your version of me.
even if you wish I wasn’t
not perfect in my eyes
so don’t pretend to be
so you can’t judge me on that.

my strengths.
my weaknesses.
my conscience
not your selection of the bits you like
nor your rejection of the qualities you don’t.

if ican live with me
that’s my ctritic.
I know my motives
don’t reframe them
to suit you.

don’t try to make me more or less
I won’t let you.
you see I can live guilt free as me
I don’t want to be you

what you see is what you get.
I have no agenda
my standatds are not set for you
they are demanding measures for me…
of me

take me
or leave me.
but do not try to stiffle me
let me be


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