diplomacy ….V……honesty.

I amn’t diplomatic.

I am honest.

Life MUST be easier if you are diplomatic!

honesty carries a heavy responsibility

honesty does NOT make you popular.

but how do diplomats live with conscience?

but GOD it is neither appreciated nor without consequence being honest!

could i change?


  • having or showing an ability to deal with people in a sensitive and tactful way
  • dealing with everybody and not apportioning blame,
  • resolution…for all?
  • giving an example – a middle of the road balanced “directed” example
  • having a code of expected, allowed behaviour.


  • being tuthful
  • in a situation of conflict you say it as it is! – no pussy footing around
  • resolution is NOT painless…people have to realise the impossibility of nobody feels any pain!
  • saying things as they are, give you responsibility for fallout, and for ultimately defending your situation
  • having put yourself on the line.you need take the enemies that leaves you with…the people who do NOT accept you or your directness.


but where is the warning about the fact that it is harder?

i can’t be reeled in and tamed.

i have spent my life coming to terms with the fact that honesty is so much better.

i am who i am.

i do what i do.

i can’t be asked to clip in my wings creatively.

I cant avoid the elephant in the corner.

its NOT easy being honest.

but i can’t change now….and you know what…i WON’T!




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