10 signs of spineless people….i personally dislike

I have a BAD BACK

but i have a BACK BONE!

i’d choose that anyday!

There are amazing few invertebrates – i know as i revised science with my  son last night…so as examples of fine SPINELESS creatures i choose 2 that i feel best represent the repulsive reaction i have to the species to me…

i present to you :

the worm worm

and the slug slug

  1. the troll. the spineless, following stalker. in real life at least they can be confronted. But in social networking….what a wimp! This is the worm…crawling on his belly…in the undergrowth! the ANONYMOUS linkedIN reader.
  2. the liar. the one who can NEVER tell you as it is. NEVER man up and take what they deserve. and the WORLD knows how twisted they are, but in an adult what a wimpy characteristic! This person never grows up.
  3. the baby. the one as a grown up who doesn’t drink or smoke or swear or have flaws in front of mammy. the one who has secrets…from everyone…has not and reallycan’t grow up as a human…a spinelss species! So keen to keep parents happy at 50? how weird and pathetic is that?
  4. the limp handshake .the person who goes through the motions of being adult but is uncomfotable. I want to remove my hand from that flaccid gesture and CLEAN it! the snail…
  5. no eye-contact. NEVER could trust someone who can’t eyeball properly. a very wise professor and friend told me that when i was young at college and growing up – and it has remained with me. The glance up and look away never convinces me i can trust you. People who are lying, have lied about you, don’t want to be with you, don’t give a shit, tend towards this. talk to you while they type or right about you. disrespect and don’t matter as people.
  6. manipulator. the one who feels its very clever twisting things, messing with stories, turning people against you..but they are KNOWN twisters and realistically they really have no credibility.This type of rebuilding of the truth so that GUILT becomes rewritten as hurt….clever…and UGLY.
  7. saccharine sweet. “too sweet to be wholesome”…wise up! you can not LOVE everyone. you can not be convincing when you pretend you do. it makes me sick – and is so obviously false.
  8. on the fence .GROW AN OPINION! you are an adult it is okay to have one, and speak it out…politely but strongly.
  9. the sleeze. the twitter perv – the one who goes DM and looooves your new AVI. anyone who wants sextalk go on a smut line…but feck off my social feed. If you can’t say it to my face then don’t say it! YEUCH
  10. the behind your back . we all know that this slithery unattractive species will bitch to you about someone and would then go on to do the same when you walk away. Best dealt with by saying “i am not interested in other people’s business” – that usually swats them off.

i work with:

  • SAY IT TO ME ….or not at all

and look at your personality on this page…

you know if you are here and why…



thankyou for reading this. It was a blog which BEGAN with purely ONE person in mind…one i could never forget….but as it was written it encapsulated all the qualities i least like in people. I feel i must say, I am not an ANGRY person, but i am an honest and observant person. As i read it back (due to the fact it has been receiving a fair bit of traffic) i would now say i reserve this for 4 people… 4 people in 50 years… and I think that says a lot. I hope they remain in that small a minority.

Helen x



  1. I despise 98% of human species, the small 2% are friends I’ve managed to maintain throughout traveling, even then I keep a wary eye out for them a swe all know spinelessness can be very invasive. But I can agree with this list in many aspects. Limp handshakes and none direct eye contact is a personal pet peeve of mine. My dad said to me much like this person whose made this list if you don’t have a solid handshake male or female plus eye contact they’re bad for business, don’t do business with this shiesty fuckers.

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