Home is where your family are.download (3)


At home we are a unit:

  • we make mistakes
  • we can be real
  • we pick up the pieces
  • we are honest
  • we can have flaws
  • we are always there for each other
  • our children grew up
  • our children come back to
  • they want to come back to
  • where we feel safe
  • always a haven
  • never prostine and clinical
  • where real friends feel easy
  • about who is in it



Home is where you can have emotions:

  • you can hurt
  • you can bring anger
  • you deserve to be listened to
  • you can tell what upsets you
  • you learn
  • you say sorry
  • you make mistakes
  • but you are a One OFF
  • you are valued
  • you are unique to your parents
  • you drive your children nuts
  • you are hated…then loved…but never really hated
  • you are valued for your individual flaws and talents – even when YOU don’t see you have them….we do!


Home is where we try to teach values:

  • honesty
  • its right to have an opinion
  • self-awareness
  • self-worth
  • confidence
  • never accept authority if it is misused
  • do not compromise when you are correct
  • never accept poor treatment
  • you are worth so much
  • you have something unique to give the world.386760_444294978971016_2123145239_n



Home is:

  • where i feel safe
  • where i can be me
  • where i can feel shit
  • where there is truth
  • where there is NO PRETENSE
  • where i always want to come back to.








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