Thanks daddy..for what i got from you:)


Thanks daddy!

for the sweet pea.

for the sense of JUSTICE – you gave me…in very large quantity!

for the strength to say it as it is – even though am sure you have long since rued the day.

for determination – you used yours at many times – and God knows you had to. I have now…and i will …to do my best for being not being treated well enough.

for confidence – which i gained indirectly 0 by being so LIKE you i had to stand up to you.

NOT for teaching me to drive – lucky we BOTH survived that with no charge of murder – bad idea.

for my developing an intolerance of LIES – because of what you were faced with. i will NEVER compromise that.

for the flowers …which YOU grow and i admire… you definite garden like an extreme protestant, and i therefore overgrow like an extreme Catholic.

For knowing how like you i was, i had the advantage of choosing the parts of “OUR” make-up which i wanted to develop, and the traits i would never let torture me.

for my faith. Yes i KNOW i picked the bits of the “rules and regulations” that i personally agree with, but damn-it, that’s the conviction i have in RIGHT and wrong, But i have a faith and do fall back on it many times!

For the love of teaching, and now where that has brought me, in terms of life – and being person-centred not inflexible in approach, when they need help. Look at how Fionn has thrived with that ethos?

For having set me strong values as a child – we had rules and guidelines. i have adopted my own, but i live by them- and i believe in them.

i know my opinions are strong, and at times you shake the head and wonder “what next?” , but thanks for generally trusting me, and respecting my judgement. And i do love the disclaimer – “she is 48, She hasn’t listened to me for nearly 30 years!” Thanks for knowing that i have conviction i am right, when i take a stand, and for generally rarely questioning that!

Thanks for doing things your way – for taking the strong lead – i do that with confidence and never hesitate. i know i can,

Thanks for what, all those years ago, i misread – as lack of pride in my music, You were pointing out that it was a God-given talent…just given to me. While i fought with the concept that meant you may not have been pleased with me, i now know how much you DO love my music.And so do i. Maybe that;s why i never question it? I know it is a gift?

Thanks for being able to admit you aren’t perfect – I never claim to be either. It;s great to know that about yourself!

Thanks for allowing me to mortify you now and again – by overstepping what would be “your mark” …well fairly often really.

Thanks for NOT trying to please everyone all of the time ….family, friends, colleagues .That helped me to look at what mattered and focus on that.

You showed me the damage done by LIES, and yet the difficulty that HONESTY brings. So i can stand honest, challenging as it is, knowing it is always right to do what is right. And that TRUTH is always going to be right!

i know that with leadership comes responsibility, and i take it seriously. I know that begrudgers watch for you to tire, and i am waiting for them!

i hope you know that i appreciate all you gave me.

But last and not least – THANKYOU – for being the kindest, most loving carer, giving mum so much dignity when she had alzheimers rob her of that. For that daddy, I would have you sainted!


I love you daddy




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