I washed my hair today. flashback

this is a YEAR ago today!.

this day last year was the first day after several operations and since 26th December, that i was allowed to wash lmy hair.
i will NEVER remember the lurching tummy, and the new geography on 3 faces of my skul

afl, and the glue ball remnants on the main tender part…
will NEVER forget it!.
it felt so disgusting.
and it made me so squeamish!
but was bye-bye to what my FRIENDS in the ward called my “troll-hair” – yes we were VERY politically correct!
but it was right for me to keep it long, as now a year later, the new growth in so many patches is coarse and sticking out, so at least i can do comb-overs…🙂…which i couldn’t have had i cut the tresses short.




here we are- a YEAR later…and many highlights….see? it is lopsided and if you look you can see the seams, and the bits that behave like cheap extensions? but a few clips, and GHD


I washed my OWN hair today.
First time in almost 6 weeks.

I had been able (briefly) to watch it after my decompression when it was about a fortnight old.
But that seems a long time go.

In the last 6 weeks have had so many CSF leaks on hair.
Then have had more surgery – my shunt inserted.
That filled my hair full of CSF brain gunk and blood.
Since it was stitched 8 days ago I haven’t been allowed to let a nurse touch the hair so have just been combing my way through the heavy dead ends of it

Since December when j last had my colour done, I have gone from the helen who loved a real scrub of a blow dry to the helen in the shower today.
the front of my head felt like mine
the LEFT in front of my ear was a supposed cyst- which wasn’t a cyst but a mass of dead benign vascular material. It has a scar sealed with glue.
the back has been opened from crown to neck during decompression. Again sealed with glue.
Also gathers pockets of fluid under scalp like hydrocephalus human bubble wrap
the RIGHT side now in front of the ear hosts my shunt. A shaved area stitched together. Still only raw and not nice to touch.

It didn’t feel like mg head or my hair. And definitely although well worth the clean ending was NOT a pampering experience.












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