how do i stop feeling hurt?

how do i stop feeling hurt?

i feel emotions. i Need to. That’s what gives my music beauty.

to be a good interpretive musician i need to be able to feel the music at a deep level.

the highs, the lows, the peaks and troughs….then i can use them in performance.

so i NEED to feel the extremes of high and low…








in life that leaves me very vulnerable.

open to good days and bad spells…but that is i think a REAL reaction to experiencing life.

but it HURTS

people HURT

maybe not even aware of how deeply.

It hurts if:

  • am not included
  • am not spoken to
  • am unimportant
  • am not believed
  • am lied about
  • am replaced
  • am wronged

but HURTS mainly when these are done in a small way but by a person that matters a LOT.














so what do i do?

continue to HURT?

to feel PAIN?

suffer quietly?

feel excluded and undervalued?

or do i TOUGHEN UP…grow a pair…create an exterior that protects me from these feelings?








but if i LOSe my vulnerability, i lose my sensitivity.

that was the gift that GOD gave me…to make MY music as it is…i don’t want reserve and restrictions there in my expression…

so I need to manage to continue.

that is my better option as always…









my VULNERABILITY is my emotional awareness.

that is not a weakness to a creative person, although it makes their life tougher,

it is the STRENGTH to express FULLY and OPENLY

i don’t ever want to lose that honest direct me…

so learn to read me…




  1. Never lose your VULNERABILITY or try to harden up. Stay the wonderful and to quote Fiona emotious? person that you are.
    but you have to accept that people can be careless and that is their issue.
    You must learn to put it behind and move forward to where there will no doubt be more hurts, but the future also hold immense joy and happiness.
    Let go and be xxx

  2. This is a great post and one that resonates deeply. Thanks for spelling it all out so well. I think it’s a matter of trying to grow an imaginary thick skin every so often when absolutely needed!

  3. I just blogged on boundaries. That’s where I am starting to find balance. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on getting hurt too.

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