some things that aren’t right to me.

you know what i DON’T get?

  • LIES – they aren’t right – ever! They DAMAGE someone…be in no doubt of that.dep5
  • PRETENCE – its another untruth.
  • how to MOVE ON …. how do you move on when you are so damaged, injured and in PAIN….as much as it sounds attractive and no doubt would have made life MUCH easier for me, i could never master thisdep2
  • INJUSTICE – injustice
  • SITTING ON THE FENCE – there is always a better side…and it is at least on the ground and it counts and matters
  • stayingout
  • willingness to HURT others. you KNOW when you d0 – even if they can’t VOICE it….go back and offer them a hand f4
  • the NEED to criticise… damned if you DO…damned if you Don’t… and the less you say, the more freedom to DAMN YOU!…why?

    don't react to the rumours. truth will out eventually
    don’t react to the rumours. truth will out eventually
  • failure to speak. People need to TALK about issues – pleasant or unpleasant – otherwise are they ever going to improve? you MUST speak about what you feel to validate it.
  • important
  • how it is WRONG to apologise…an APOLOGY can save so much – and when delivered without provisos- the “i’m sorry if you”… they are such a sign of STRENGTH and spine.s1
  • when BASIC values are so IMPORTANT…they should become a code of conduct – not weapons to throw at someone trying to do good. Religions should be based on SIMPLE but fundamental points and principles- not technicalities, and the world would be much easier
  • you then hold values in your hand.


  • why we HIDE how bad it feels. Being treated badly by life hurts like HELL. not ok
  • why GOD at times seems to desert good people.. but i know he doesn’t really But is so hard to see GOD in a world riddled with DISEASES we can’t treat, and people who seem to have so much more than a fair share to handle… it catches me every time….where are you then God?
  • god
  • how do i NOT WORRY. i want to…i try to… i fail miserably…i KNOW it eats at me day in, day out…but how do i NOT?g11
  • how we don’t recognise BULLYING in its more subtle but incredibly cruel ways…as grown ups.bullying
  • POLITICS – is it to ignore conscience? Is it selling your integrity for a price? How can that EVER be right…?conscience
  • OPTIMISM – wish to GOD i could see the positives more easily. but with me the realities hit like mathematical facts thus QED… need HELP on this one…when life offers a crippling future…and present…how do you keep optimism?
  • chiari3
  • i keep trying. i really do. KNOCKS, kicks, lies, health problems…i KEEP trying….maybe ONE day i WILL GET IT!?g4



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