why do you READ my blog?

i KNOW i write for therapeutic value….

BUT why do you READ my blog?

  • are you interested in chiari malformation?
  • have you always read my ramblings?
  • do you find my words ring out?
  • do you want to know about my health?
  • do you care what i think?
  • is it like lifting the net curtain from my mind?
  • did you know me?
  • is it important what i have on my mind?
  • are you checking up on me?
  • perhaps you miss me in some way?
  • do you worry about me?
  • guilt?
  • can you just NOT TALK TO ME??
  • you CAN!
  • Can you NOT?
  • why?


  1. Interesting question! I came upon your blog when you were in hospital and we were getting updates from others in the family. I was keen to ‘meet’ you after that and have found your posts very engaging.

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