perfect balance ….in NO way!

perfect balance?


  •  i am working on VESTIBULAR rehab- trying to reawaken the part of the brain where balance used to exist – in physio.
  • i called my ophthalmologist today to try to kick of her investigation into the eyes and the INTRA-CRANIAL PRESSURE.
  • am dosing up on the meds as i feel my ICP levels are OUT of balance again and need to check my shunt is doing its job – MRI ordered.
  • Then i do my hair. And as my main decompression scar is tired today, AND as am not leaving the house so what odds if someone can see the bits of my “zipperhead” scar…i decided to divide into 2 bunches and plait.

1….free crooked eye and imbalanced face… it seems we as a species due to ICP are prone to facial palsy and optic palsy…so there we go …look at the loss of shape in Right Hand Side of my face – cheek and eye!

photo 1 (14) 2. once again a glimpse of the slow right eye…BUT notice the width of the plait? nice fine hair! Shunt was fitted on the OTHER side BUT i hd a benign mass removed on this side and the “hairball” full of glue which we had to cut 2 (11) 3. not really nice fine hair…just LOSS of so much hair in all the different shaves and clips- so this is the reasonable sized plait on the shunted side. (and the eye you can see is ALSO crooked from THAT angle)photo 3 (8)Thankfully i have HUMOUR!

getting blacker by the day!

i wonder could i script write?





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