Lookie Lookie

Definitely a symptom torturing me more and more with this chiari is the EYE issue.
As in the left eye finds you.
The rift eye meanwhile floats about looking for you.
And as is getting worse is definitely NOT a good one.
Am waiting on an appointment that neurosurgery said he’d link with ophthamology.
But am seriously seriously wondering what the hell they can do?
It’s nerves… not as in GETTING on my…although it is!

Nerves…as in neuro-paths…as in my brain telling me eye what to do…and if it STOPS telling??

oh and on the sight:

Eyes. This seems pathetic. It seems NOT medical but it IS.


  • my range of sight is poor
  • my eyesight is blurred
  • the double vision test is ALWAYS double
  • my Right Eye can’t keep up with my left eye
  • my Right eye is crooked now in pictures
  • to move my Left Eye in its socket is painful
  • to look to extreme ranges with left eye hurts the eye muscle – i think
  • with my distance, varifocals, intermediate and close range specs i am NOT clear.
  • i feel dizzy if i try to focus while i move my head
  • i feel dizzy if i move my eyes and walk.

That’s not easy!



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