10 signs of being grown up

  1. having developed a conscience. and listening to it and standing by it in moral choices.eins cons
  2. not giving up when life and others push you down…keep trying…be strong.g4
  3. value HONESTY… there is never a reason to lie…honesty
  4. realise that taking responsibility for your actions may include an apology – this is a sign of strengthimagesorry2
  5. be FAIR – and expect fair and equal treatment from all others in any position.ethic
  6. keep trying your best – even if you fail. strive forward. If it goes wrong you tried. keep growing and keep  trying what your heart is telling you to.
  7. do not allow wrongs and injustices even in a small way to be tolerable or endorsed by your silence.lies5
  8. value those who love you and leave those who try to bring you down,IMG-20121103-00171.jpg
  9. DSC_0193

  10. no matter how painful…learn from the wounds!scar


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