all of me….in context!

all of me…in context!!

at least i have a brain


i write it all down

like it says on the cover




“warts and all”

it is a COMPLETE cathartic experience

it is always how it feels

it is NEVER naming or shaming…

i don’t do subtle inferences…

but it is ALWAYS honest.


am very sure if you want to look for something to take as personal…you can find one…

if you wan’t to be reflected in my life… you can be…

am sure if you forensically examine the phrases…THERE….yep that must mean YOU!.


  • i am ME.
  • i am one person.
  • don’t fragment
  • decode
  • dissect
  • magnify
  • assign meaning
  • decide what is not there
  • there are NO subliminal messages
  • imagine what is between the lines
  • quote me a phrase out of nowhere
  • my life is in CONTEXT
  • and my words are TRUE


so if you have any questions….ask me

if you think i am wrong…challenge me

but otherwise…

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